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The Perfect Wedding Decoration for Your 2012 Wedding

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The most important thing is to find that special place that suits your needs. For example the place where the celebration takes place should not be too far from where they will conduct religious or civil ceremony as this may cause some discomfort to the guests and the transportation issue may complicate you.


Once you chose both places you can imagine how you want to see that day. Now you have to decide if working with multiple vendors, so that each deals with his specialty, or if you hire a company to take care of everything. Of course, all decisions must be made by you, is waiting for you hard work.

You should keep in mind that the ideal is that the decoration of both sites is similar to keep a certain unity. You must first decide what type of decoration you want, definitely suppliers and planner will help you choose according to the spaces and trends. It is romantic, contemporary, minimalist or regional should try not to mix elements.


Considers it important if the ceremony and the celebration will be indoors or outdoors this is kind of items depend. Another factor to consider is the time of year in which it will hold your wedding. If you must use a fall decoration regarding the station. Another key issue is the color and this will be connected to the previous recommendations. For example if your wedding is in summer you can choose colors much more brightly and turned on. The colors may also be based on the color of your dress or your dress arrangements.


Flowers are one of the protagonists in this type of event. Usually the style is decorated with many flowers. There are plenty of types, to make a better decision it is best to advise you a florist. He will recommend the types of flowers that best express what you want reflected in your wedding. You can choose traditional or exotic flowers all depends on the type of decoration.

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