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Spring 2012 wedding color ideas

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2012 is coming and the brides-to-be that are getting married this year are hurriedly preparing for the wedding with great design. For most couples, stay in trend is of great importance for them and wedding is definitely one of the most significant events in one’s life.

Since spring and summer are the hottest seasons to get married, the wedding color 2012 trend is of great popularity. Without having to worry about the wind or the snow that may have impact to your wedding, spring and summer are invariably thought to be the best season for outdoor wedding.


When it comes to choose the colors for weddings held in spring and summer, there are actually many choices. If you want to go for the popular styles that will truly make the season blend with the romantic celebration, here is some spring wedding color suggestions that you can employ into your wedding invites.

Yellow, of course, is the most popular choice for a spring wedding invitation in that it is vibrant and it is similar to the color of the sun. Imagine you are having a outdoor wedding in a sunny afternoon, it will be great to have yellow invitation cards to go with the environment which will be very harmonious.


Besides, other bright colors like pink, sky blue and orange are all terrific options for spring weddings 2012 for they better reflect the theme of the season and give people impressions of warmth and kindness. wedding-color-ideas-2012-pink-and-yellow-spring-wedding

To be honest, the color of the wedding invites also up to the wedding theme that you are having. If you want throw a green wedding that calls for environment-protecting, then the color green is definitely a great choice in that it vividly shows the theme.

Anyway, what really matters when choosing great wedding colors is the overall harmony that you want to keep. It decides whether your wedding will be chic and appealing. After all, invitations cards do great help in making the wedding charming and appealing, so with creative imagination and considerable time spent on it, you will absolutely have a great wedding.

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  1. Jone says:

    orange wedding theme . good idea

  2. Kylie says:

    Hi there! Love the colour pallet:-) do you by any chance have any more photos with the beautiful top colour scheme??
    Aloe, peony, ivory and leaf

    Best regards,

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