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2 Responses to “suitcase-wedding-cake”

  1. Elaine Ison says:

    Couple getting married love this cake – did you buy the cake topper or do it yourself. What was it made out of and wonder what you would charge for doing another – I hate doing people!


  2. Kristen says:

    See, this is the problem with our world today. You don’t need to even have taetsd the cake to be constantly comparing. Back in the old days you’d maybe see one or two wedding cakes – and that might be you best friends cake, or your siblings cake – before you got your own. Now the internet has made it possible for you to look at cake from anyone’s wedding from anywhere in the world! Can’t we all just be happy with the cake we’re given?wv “fingshe” – I think the wedding planner was using the ancient art of ‘fingshe’ when stepping up the photo for that last cake.

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