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10 Engagement Wedding Photos

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wedding photos ideas

Creating the perfect photoat your wedding will help ensure that you have a number of unique and one-of-a-kind wedding photos. If you’re anything like the creative couples we have mentioned on the blog, I bet you’re thinking of having a wedding day photo prop here. To help you narrow down what you think you might want to take your wedding day, we have come up with a list of 10 great photo ideas.

1. Truck

Trucks are the perfect picture prop for a rustic country wedding, because they can be dressed up or dressed to match your wedding decor.

wedding truck photo


2. Classic Car

Ask your family and friends to a classic car available for loan might have on your wedding day and you might be lucky with what you find. A classic car makes the perfect photo prop!

wedding photo classic car


wedding photo classic car

3. Bike

A nice looking vintage or new bike makes for the perfect wedding photo prop.

wedding photo bike

wedding photo bike


4. Vintage Chair


5. Hay Bales

A classic country wedding backdrop are hay bales that can be used as chair or tables so why not make them apart of your wedding day.

wedding photo hay bales

wedding photo hay bales


6. Balloons

You might not think of balloons as a wedding prop, but we are not talking about just your regular old party balloons we are talking about wonderful oversized specialty balloons. See how this couple used balloons as a prop for their wedding.

wedding photos balloons

wedding photos balloons

wedding photos balloons

7. Frames

No matter how you get them back, frames make for a great and inexpensive photo prop. Frames are available from craft shops to thrift stores everywhere and can attract as decorations and photo props double duty.

wedding photos frames


8. Boat

Very few things are not to your wedding.Romantic than taking a boat ride, so why?


wedding photos boat

9. Teepee

Okay, we know that not everyone will have the opportunity to use it as a photo prop have a tipi but we think this marriage shows how nice it can look. If you are hosting your wedding in a private location as your home, you might want to think about getting a tipi for both a fun wedding decoration and photo prop.

wedding photos teepee

10. Nature

Since you are hosting a rustic style wedding as you make good use of all that beautiful nature in your wedding photos. Work with your photographer before the wedding and scout some locations on your wedding venue that act as natural background. Everything from sunsets and lakes forests and leaves make for a rustic photo prop.

wedding photos nature

wedding photos nature

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