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Tips On Altering The Bridal Dress That Doesn’t Fit You

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Maybe, you are one of the brides who have gained or lost weight from stress or are the victim of a bad alteration job or are the one who try to do something that could make you look more perfect on your big day. And then,  one of the biggest fears happened: the wedding dress doesn’t fit and the wedding day is in a couple of days. What could I do? Here are some easy tips that you can try to ensure a better, closer fit:

1. Oh, no, the dress was altered too short!
You asked the tailor to short the wedding dress for you, but it is too short than you thought. What to do? There are two ways that you can have a try. Wear flat shoes, instead of high-heeled shoes and this will buy you at least 2~3 inches! Add some tulle fabric on the inside of your dress and creat a layered look. Layered tulle will make the dress look long.

2. I need a shorter dress, but it seems too long for me.
Try your best to pin or tape the hem of the dress carefully to your desirable and appropriate height.

3. What could I do if the dress is too large?
Ask your friend to pin the dress ( to your undergarments, if possible and necessary)or use strong tape to hold your dress closer to yourself, if you lost weight and the dress looks loose on you. A sash or a pretty belt could help you if the waistline is too baggy. Add it to creat some shape. Strapless dress is different to do with, and you’d better to pink the dress to your undergarments!

4. The dress is too small, what can I do?
It is still possible to repair a small dress, though it is much more difficult than repair a large dress. Most of the time, you can’t fasten the zip or button as they are as far up as it will comfortably go. Use strong pins to hold it in place and then wear a wrap, shawl, or a  sweater or jacket to cover up your above body.

5. The dress is lopsided and can I change it to an asymmetry style?
Yes, if the dress is lopsided, and you have tried your best to balance it out with pins and tap, but it doesn’t work! My suggestion is adding silk flower, white chiffon riband or accessories to one side of the dress (one of the shoulders or one of the chests or one side of the waist) to creat an asymmetry look. It could come across as purposeful and start a new trend!



Ok, I have listed five possible problems that you may meet and the solutions of how to resolve. Just tell me what do you think in your mind and write your thoughts in the comment frame after the post.

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