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Wedding Trend 2012: Pet-Inspired Wedding Decor

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People love their pets and it’s becoming more common for couples to include their pet in their wedding ceremony. But what about letting your pet influence your wedding decor? It’s been forecasted as a growing wedding trend for 2012.

According to the Washington Post, people are looking for more ways to include their pet in their wedding. Besides having the little pup or other lovable creature present and even dressed in their finest formal wear, it seems that incorporating your pets’ likeness into your wedding decor will be a popular trend for this year.

Esteemed wedding planner Preston Bailey suggests using flower sculptures of your pets as centerpieces. Preston has created many a flower sculpture pet for events and even has his own flower sculpture dog, “Perro,” to accompany him throughout his work day.

Of course, a flower sculpture created in the likeness of your pet may be beyond your means. Or perhaps, you aren’t going to have your pet actually present at the wedding, but still want to honor them. In this case, we suggest some simpler ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding decor.

Simply using a photo of your pet in your wedding like the one used by wedding photographer Heather Parker is easiest way to include your pet in your decor. Come up with creative a use for the pet photo, like this one using a photo of the couple’s dog as a marker for table numbers.

Since wedding cake toppers can be a really fun and quirky touch to your wedding, why not include your little rascal to join you on top of the cake? Get a custom-created wedding cake topper with your pet from Creative Butterfly XOX on Etsy.

Or let your pets have the whole cake to themselves! Make the cake topper’s bride and groom in the likeness of your pets, or in the likeness of a cartoon version of your pet, like these super cute cat cake toppers from Kikuike on Etsy.

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