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Wedding Flower Inspiration : Daisy

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Looking for more floral inspiration for summertime wedding, then no further.. Enjoy these daisy inspired photos, love it very much. Then you also will not be disappointed.


Heart style with daisy, and Daisies are popular flowers that can perfectly accent any summertime wedding.



What a beautiful wedding cake and wedding bouquite made of daisies. Yellow and white color schemes are very typical of summertime weddings.


Bohemian summer brides can add pretty daisies to their hair for a cute look. And daisies are best accessories for brides hair style. White and yellow daisies are perfect decoration for a summer wedding.

All brides are love the daisies decoration.


Daisies, like sunflowers, are what I would categorize as “happy” flowers. You just want to smile when you see them.

From: lucky wedding gowns blog

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