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Choosing and Sending Invitations

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Wedding invitations are the first thing that people receive to notify them of them of your booked date and reception. The overall look and feel of the invitations will set the standard for what your guests will expect and behave accordingly to. The invitations for the wedding should be sent out at least four to six months before the date of the wedding itself.



They should be sent out addressed to the people that you wish to attend your wedding, if they have a partner they should be mentioned by name as well, if they do not they should be able to add a “plus one” if they wish which is to be confirmed via R.S.V.P.

The origins of the wedding invitation started back in the Middle Ages, when illiteracy was rife and people were poor. It was only the noble people of the day who used to be able to afford to send invitations and read what was written on them if they received them. They had the lettering on the wedding invitations written by hand one by one in calligraphy. In 1642, the metal plate was invented and from then onwards mass printing was born. The body of the invitation was printed en mass and only the names of the invitees were hand written.

So how can you make your wedding invitations unique and different from the mass market? This is something you have to give a lot of thought to. There are in wedding stores and stores on the internet that have a huge wide range of wedding invitations for you to choose from. Some people take inspiration from them and by combining certain styles and designs you can have them printed for you so that they are unique in style. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and card that the invitation is made from, they can even be embossed.

The higher quality of card the more elegant and expensive your wedding will look from the off. This will make sure that your guests will spend a decent amount on the wedding present and also take extra care with their appearances so your wedding photos will look a treat!