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2014 Wedding Colors & Trends

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Spring is such a great time to hold a wedding venue; it makes such a great metaphor for marriage and the beginning of life and ultimately new beginnings. Popular colors are usually associated with nature and color palettes will often be toned and watered down into pastel shades, however this season you will see some brights that move with the transitional period into summer, so watch out for those juicy oranges, dazzling blue and egg yolk yellows. The start of spring will see more cooler pastel blues and mints, which will scream spring wedding to all your guests.

Dazzling Blue

dazzling-blue-bridesmaid-dresses-for-wedding-2014 dazzling-blue-spring-2014-wedding-color dazzling-blue-wedding-decor


hemlock-green-wedding-color-2014 hemrock-wedding-invitation

Celosia orange

orange-wedding-decor orange-peony-wedding-bouquet


paloma-gray-spring-2014-wedding-color paloma-bridesmaid-dresses-for-2014 paloma-wedding-signs


sand-spring-summer-2014-wedding-color-comb paloma-wedding-signs


freesia-wedding-cake-for-spring-wedding-2014 freesia-spring-wedding-2014-color-groomsman freesia-spring-2014-wedding-color-bright-yellow

Placid Blue

placid-blue-spring-2014-wedding-color placid-blue-bridesmaid-dresses-2014


spring-2014-wedding-color-trend-cayenne cayenne-spring-wedding-color-wedding-decor cayenne-wedding-bouquet

So how do you choose your color? Well it’s easy really, make sure you choose a color that you love and that really reflects your personality and persona. If cool pastel shades don’t really agree with your fiery loud personality then it may seem strange to guests, so make sure it really says you. Also consider how to mix your colors, don’t just stick to one, and why not try using a stronger accent color to help blend in with your chosen color. Plus don’t be afraid to stick to these colors, choose a darker shade or lighter tint of some of these popular colors, you’ll still be on trend but using it to your advantage. – See more at: