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Save The Date Wedding Photo Ideas

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It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted about wedding ideas, but I’m back with an interesting subject! The Save the Date is the first correspondence with your guests and it serves more functions than simply alerting guests of your chosen day and location. It sets the tone for the wedding and lets guests know what to expect. They will see how formal or easy-going the wedding will be and they will get an idea of how much of your personality or tradition will be incorporated into the wedding as well. In order to create the best Save the Date cards for your wedding, create a unique Save the Date photo and/or card. If these two elements are unique, creative and clever, your guests will get to see what they will be coming to and they will look forward to it all the more. I’ll be talking about Save the Date photo ideas this week and card ideas next week.

The first element of the Save the Dates is the photo. This isn’t mandatory or necessary. It’s just one way of doing it. And, although photos of the happy bride and groom-to-be are cute, but they’re quite common and basically the same thing as an engagement photo. The Save the Date photo is meant specifically for saving the date, so uniqueness is wanted. This means incorporating the date of the wedding in a clever way. This can be done in many ways, but thinking of new ways in difficult, so here’s some inspiration to jog your creativity.

A photo idea becoming trendier by the day is the use of banner. Most photos usually entail the couple standing, and smiling holding the banner. So, to be unique, try arranging the banner differently. This may mean hanging the banner in the background, or wrapping it around you in a hug. Overall, you don’t want the photo to appear too staged, so try to incorporate the prop in an ‘in the moment way’ where it naturally fits. A banner is appealing because it’s a simple, sweet, vintage touch that can add loads of charm to your photo. So, use it right and it can one you’ll love forever.