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Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding Invitation

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It is general believed that the wedding ceremony of those celebrity should be gorgeous and buckish. While the world famous entrepreneur—–the initiator of facebook ,  Mark Zuckerberg has subverted all those common ideas. A wedding ceremony without all the frills would bring what kind of sense?


The wedding invitation was held in Zuckerberg’s home at Pal Alto. His longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, has just graduated from the med school. Now the ceremony is not only a witness of the union of the two but also a celebration of the girl’s graduation. The spousal ceremony was held in the low-key backyard. The bride and groom has just invited 100 or so guests to share their delight time. So the opening backyard would be quite appreciate for the invitation. The guests may quite surprised at that at that day, Zuckerberg was tying a tie.


Without splendourous setting,  without extraordinary and over embellished background, this was a low fuss background celebration (just one with vows and filthy rich groom) through and through. Maybe we may see the essence of romance has nothing to do with treasure .