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Emerging 2012 Wedding Trends

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In the past, weddings were over the top and flashy.But as we approach 2012, the trends seem to be shifting toward more socially responsible, understated weddings.Brides are swapping 1000 guests to 100 of their closest friends and family.They are spending less money on more eco-friendly things.Times are changing, and here’s how you can keep up.

Go Green



Many brides are giving up traditional wedding planning and opting for a green wedding.

Choosing locally grown flowers, recycled invitations, and repurposing old items to become centerpieces has become a popular style.

Brides are not only saving money, but the environment as well. Guests are wowed by the bride’s crafty creativity rather than lavish spending, and the environment doesn’t pay the price. Not all brides are capable of a totally green wedding, but many are including small touches like donations to environmental charities in their guest’s names as their wedding favors or registering for eco-friendly honeymoons.

Think Outside the Church



More and more couples are opting to be married in a location other than a church.

Outdoor weddings and weddings in interesting locations have become a popular way to make your wedding stand out.

If you are traditional and would like to use a church, try having your reception in a creative space like a museum or park. Often these types of spaces provide their own decoration and ambiance, and the cost of decorating is minimal.

Vintage Theme



Something old is taking over in 2012.

With celebrities embracing old-Hollywood style comes brides embracing vintage everything. Brides are bringing back just about everything from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s except the puffy sleeved wedding gown.

Thrift stores and antique stores are the shops of choice for the 2012 bride. Seating displays, table settings and decorations are all taking on an aged feel. Achieve this feeling by including a family tradition started by your great grandmother or putting old wedding photos from both of your families on the tables.


The 2012 bride is budget conscious and ready to do a few things herself.

More and more we see brides printing invitations, writing place cards and creating centerpieces themselves. If you have the time, and the talent, virtually everything in your wedding can be home made. Although a totally DIY wedding is possible, it isn’t practical for most of us.

Instead of biting off more than you can chew, try taking on just one or two DIY projects to add a personal touch. If you’re not artsy, there are plenty of projects that simply require precision and following directions. Creating a playlist of wedding songs instead of having a DJ, for example, is a great project for someone who isn’t crafty.

The Forever Trend

Of course the lasting trend for weddings no matter the year is to make them your own.

Just as high shoulder pads have come and gone, so will this year’s trends. Settling on a wedding theme that you love is what is most important.

Just because everyone is doing vintage weddings doesn’t mean you have to give up on your Kardashian inspired wedding. Do what you and your husband-to-be feel comfortable with, and you might end up inspiring the next year’s trends!

Finding Your Wedding Makeup Style

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Tips & Advice

Typically, wedding make up experts classify bridal make up looks into four categories: natural (which tends to use delicate neutrals), romantic (which tends to use soft shades on the eyes and lips and creamy tones on the face), classic (which tends to use more blush and darker lips, with more neutral eye shadows) and dramatic (this can encompass the latest trends, such as smoky eyes, or anything that you see on the catwalk, such as the most recent trend of jewel tones). Here are some tips for finding the wedding makeup style that is right for you:

Consider your dress.
If you are wearing a vintage wedding dress, it may be optimal to do a romantic look for your makeup. If you are wearing a modern style dress with sharp edges, you could potentially do a blend of the dramatic and classic style: you could do classic on the cheeks and lips, with a bit more drama around the eyes. Remember that you can always do a combination of these basic makeup styles.

Consider your personal style.
This is the number one thing to think about. If you are the sort of person who wears minimal makeup on a daily basis, do not go crazy with dark smoky eyes; you won’t look like yourself. It is, however, important to remember that your makeup will be a bit darker than you are used to, in order to take good wedding makeup pictures.