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Wedding Party Blue Dresses for Bridesmaid

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From the very dark to the very light, you can convey whatever you want in shades of this color. This year, any imbue is acceptable for accents and accessories. You can begin by sending out beautiful aqua wedding invitations, accent with an aquamarine ring pillow and flower girl basket, walk down the gangway with a cobalt panel hidden in the back of your white wedding dress, and end with lovely teal tablecloths and linens astatine your reception. But before you choose, consider the feel you ar trying to create:


Royal blues were named that for a reason–they embody a regal feel. if you ar having an evening, formal wedding, consider royal or sapphire for your accent colors. Deep royal or sapphire blue make wonderful bridesmaids dresses as almost everyone looks gorgeous in this color. Plus, it really sets off the bridal gown beautifully. You can also give reign to your imagination with large, lush flower arrangements in a variety of blues.


The darker, more navy blues have a beautiful, clean-lined feel to them. Although black is one of the most popular colours this year, some people feel uncomfortable with black accents astatine a wedding – navy or indigo is a fashionable alternative. These colors ar perfect for a graceful, sit-down dinner reception.


Shimmer paper captures the light and “shimmers” like sunshine on the ocean. Aquamarine bridesmaids dresses also give the right touch of joyfulness to the wedding party. And round out your theme with aqua and flame orange tablecloths, linens and centerpieces.


For destination or casual beach weddings, nothing captures the “feel” more than aqua or variations of blue-green. To heighten the anticipation, begin by using Aqua Shimmer paper for your wedding invitations.


For lovely afternoon weddings, consider the lighter shades of blue. Light blue printable wedding invitations, bridesmaids dresses, and wedding accessories all confer a radiance and spacious feel to your celebration. So, think Blue for your wedding this year and know that whatever “feel” you are trying to create, there is a perfect shade of this color for you.