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Finding Your Wedding Makeup Style

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Typically, wedding make up experts classify bridal make up looks into four categories: natural (which tends to use delicate neutrals), romantic (which tends to use soft shades on the eyes and lips and creamy tones on the face), classic (which tends to use more blush and darker lips, with more neutral eye shadows) and dramatic (this can encompass the latest trends, such as smoky eyes, or anything that you see on the catwalk, such as the most recent trend of jewel tones). Here are some tips for finding the wedding makeup style that is right for you:

Consider your dress.
If you are wearing a vintage wedding dress, it may be optimal to do a romantic look for your makeup. If you are wearing a modern style dress with sharp edges, you could potentially do a blend of the dramatic and classic style: you could do classic on the cheeks and lips, with a bit more drama around the eyes. Remember that you can always do a combination of these basic makeup styles.

Consider your personal style.
This is the number one thing to think about. If you are the sort of person who wears minimal makeup on a daily basis, do not go crazy with dark smoky eyes; you won’t look like yourself. It is, however, important to remember that your makeup will be a bit darker than you are used to, in order to take good wedding makeup pictures.

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