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A True Wedding of Crafty Florida

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We love absolutely all kinds of weddings, but we especially adore seeing what a few pairs of crafty hands can throw together on a budget. Not to mention, of course, when these fetes are sent our way directly from the bride.This wedding is filled to brim with ideas for couples on any budget!


From the bride:My vision & goal was to make a beautiful handmade wedding without breaking the bank! I did my research for every little detail and although it was a lot of work, I’d rather work hard and not over spend. You have to find a balance in what is worth spending on and what you can probably make your self. I thrifted a LOT, I went to yard sales, I checked craigslist, I checked the clearance aisle any where I went! I would find things on the road, I would just go and knock on people’s doors to see if I can have something! Yep, I doubled dared myself and it helped me out a lot.


’ve also been collecting little knick knacks here and there before I got engaged. I never wanted to be that girl who was planning her wedding way before she got engaged but my friend, Danielle had the most gorgeous wedding ever seen! It was a Anthropologie dream wedding, really! Her advice to me was “Get over it, you know you’re going to marry him, be that girl and start collecting things,” so I did. A lot of the details I started collecting cost pennies! Trust me when I say, I really wanted to work with what I found.



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