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Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations

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Before picking up a honeymoon spot it would be better to hear the opinions of other newlyweds.  Trends in honeymoon locations keep changing so one must keep up to date or the honeymoon can change into a disaster.

Weather conditions must also be kept in mind as a storm may cause a lot of problems.  The choice of course varies from person to person but choose a destination keeping in mind the way you would like to spend your time.  Here are the top ten favorite honeymoon destinations.




These islands offer superb coastlines, breath taking volcanoes, verdant forests, a native culture, warm breezes, sandy clean beaches and to top it all the most exotic and superb resorts.

All this put together attracts the majority of honeymooners to this heaven which is the perfect getaway.




This has been a very popular destination with many honeymooning couples from time immemorial. The country offers beautiful and exotic beaches, many hill resorts.  One can also visit world famous museums, cathedrals, monuments.  France is also very renowned for its excellent cuisine and its wine. One can visit the famed Paris, Cape d’agde and the Loire valley.


It is only a short distance from the US mainland and hence close but not too close.  There are about 700 islands here with beautiful white sandy beaches and plenty of posh accommodation that will suit any budget.




This is the most favored honeymoon spot by many Europeans as it is the land of the Amore.  The beautiful northern Alps can be seen from here.

This lake country provides the right atmosphere and Italy provides everything for a classy honeymoon.




This vast country appeals to many as you can bask in the warm sun in the most posh resorts along the coast of Baja and visit the Oaxaca valley which will give you the flavor of th ancient Mayans. Alternatively, you can take the train through the great canyon and keep shopping until you are exhausted.  Everything that the heart desires can be found here.


This is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and it is known for its blue waters, white sandy beaches and the most quiet and soothing atmosphere.  The culture is very vivid and colorful and the cuisine is delicious.

This makes it the most preferredhoneymoon destination for couples from all over the world. The sun shines here almost throughout the year and hence is a great attraction for winter honeymooners.

Fiji Islands

Here you will find white powdery beaches surrounded by palm trees and lush green mountainsides.  The sea is at its most beautiful with warm tropical climate and many secluded spots and resorts spread all over the 300 islands.

Bora Bora

This is a small and attractive island in the French Polynesia situated in the Pacific ocean.  It has the most exquisite scenery and offers plenty of recreational activities which include, swimming, scuba diving, boating, skiing to mention some.




Recently, Thailand has emerged as a very popular location for honeymooners.  The beaches are warmly sun kissed and the islands are serene and calm.  The culture of the local people is vivid and colorful as well as quaint.  The Thai cuisine is world famous and attracts newly weds from all over the globe.  Places to visit here are Bangkok, Koh Samui Island and Pattaya.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

This is the classic spot for a honeymoon where one can spend his time in two different countries by crossing the American-Canadian border across the Falls. You can stroll down the streets of this beautiful town, visit the shops and cafes and take a breathtaking ride under the falls.

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