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The Beach Wedding Tips

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Weddings can be held in many type of environments, including indoors at a church or outdoors. One type of popular outdoor wedding is the beach wedding. The beautiful water stretching out as far as the eye can see, combined with the sand and wind make beach weddings very memorable. However, there are difficulties about a beach wedding that must be planned carefully in advance to avoid.



Plan for the Environment

The beach environment must be planned around and may even change complete aspects of your wedding. For example, you have to consider how loud the waves will be during the ceremony. Roaring waves on a beach, especially on the ocean, may overpower the minister. Rent out microphones and speakers so everyone can hear the minister.

You must also plan for wind, rain, curious animals and even changing ocean tides. Hire a few people to patrol the area and nonviolently chase away animals. Watch how the tide changes throughout the day and hold the ceremony close to the beach when the tide is low. Move the reception far back to avoid the rising tides.

Dress Tips

strapless embroidery casual beach wedding gowns

strapless embroidery casual beach wedding gowns

Another thing to consider before holding a beach ceremony is the wedding attire. This is especially true of the bride, as many brides cherish their dress and keep their wedding dress for their entire lives. Getting it stained with mud or dirt would be exasperating.

Nicole Majewski of the Banderas News website suggests choosing short styles or cocktail dresses that breathe, as these won’t have the long flowing trains that will drag in the sand. It also helps avoid the sweltering heat that may come from a beach wedding.

The groom should wear a white or beige tux made of light cotton. Black or very formal tuxes can get stained more easily by the dirt and water and will be much too hot to wear on the beach.

Research Your Beach

Don’t just pick a beach without reading about the various factors that influence its suitability as a wedding site. For example, research the location by driving to the beach and taking a lengthy inspection. The beach may be polluted along certain sections of it, which could include trash and even water pollution such as mercury.

The beach may also be home to animals, such as sand crabs, that will make the ceremony difficult. The beach may also simply be visually unappealing. Try to find the beach that looks as beautiful as you want. Each beach will also be controlled by different rules and regulations. Some beaches may simply not allow events such as weddings or may ban the construction of temporary shelters, such as a tent, canopy or gazebo.




Renting tents for a beach wedding is essential to creating a perfect scene. Tents are especially essential for the wedding reception to help shield guests from the harsher elements of the beach, especially if it’s a very windy day. A covered area can also protect guests from the heat of the sun during the reception.

A large tent could hold all the seats for the reception meal as well as a dance floor and DJ equipment. Tents come with walls that completely block out all the elements. This is perfect if the weather suddenly turns stormy. However, these walls can usually be removed, giving guests a view of the beach if the weather is mild.



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