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The Waldie Family of Five Brothers and Sisters Married on The Same Day

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Many girls regard marriage as the most important day in the life, and most brides and others are reluctant to get married the same day. Arizona the Waldie family of five siblings decided to “marital knot together” Recently, they held the same day of the wedding.

Was initially the father of five brothers and sisters want to sell them on the same day to get married. Taking into account the feelings of the five children increasingly stable, they joked that they should get married on the same day I did not expect the kids actually agreed.

To make the wedding site can accommodate a total of 1200 guests, five pairs of new wedding held positions in the shed in a local aircraft museum. Although in the same day, the same venue to do the wedding, but five pairs of new marriage ceremony was conducted separately. The three wedding was held in the morning, the other two held after lunch. The mother of five brothers and sisters also personally baked the wedding cake which four couples.

Now, although the wedding is just near the end, but five couples have started to plan next year married a year and travel together.






Elegant Virginia Outdoor Wedding

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This elegant Virginia outdoor wedding took place at the childhood home of the bride for their intimate family-orientated wedding. The bride and the groom lived in Paris when they got engaged on the banks of the Seine last year, so the bride wanted to incorporate little details of her husband’s Parisian roots into their relaxed Southern affair. This elegant Virginia outdoor wedding speaks of romance and culture and has a sweet hometown sincerity about it, which we just love.