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Honeymooning in Portland, Oregon Guide

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Though many people think beaches, white sand, and tropical weather for a honeymoon, you may be more of a city person with a love of bookstores, shopping, coffee, microbreweries, restaurants, and interesting people. If that is the case, consider going to Portland, Oregon. One bride and groom who recently went there on their honeymoon (as a last-minute decision because airfares were excellent) said that Portland by far exceeded their expectations. Here are a few reasons that Portland is one of the most unforgettable honeymoons:

The charming and inviting downtown area is filled with parks, fountains, hotels (some offer excellent honeymoon packages), shops, museums, and restaurants, and it has a mix of new and historic buildings. Portland is also extremely clean, and is known for being one of the “greenest” cities in the United States. You can ride the MAX, the Portland street car, for free here, as it is part of the Tri-Met’s Fareless Square route.

For a day trip, a drive to the Wilamette Valley is one of the most gorgeous honeymoon ideas because it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest. It is the heart of Oregon’s agricultural economy. There are also quite a few wineries and lodges, perfect for unforgettable honeymoons and extra romance. The Oregon coastline is also not far away.

If you are interested in Victorian architecture, Nob Hill (Northwest 23rd Avenue) is filled with cafes, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. It has been fashionable since the 1880s.

Tips for Winter Wedding

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Winter wedding is the most popular trend of getting married as majority of the couples opt for it. They are mostly preferred because they provide you the intimate and romantic wedding. There are some demerits of opting for winter wedding which can be avoided by proper planning.

tips for winter wedding

There are many websites offer information about winter wedding winter wedding planning and ideas. It will also help in making the wedding unique and make it the most unforgettable event in your life. Besides these, you can collect information about planning from your friends, relatives and bridal magazines or books.

You can opt for selecting different themes for your wedding. You have to prepare a list of the guests that would be invited for the wedding. You should opt for flowers which are available in winter season such as lilies and red roses. You can opt for creating your own winter wedding favors and centerpieces using your own ideas.

Another excellent option is to opt for Christmas lightings or the decorations used for Christmas as your wedding decorations. Most popular option for winter wedding is to opt for formal wedding dresses. Along with the formal wedding dresses, you should also opt for the coats, shawls and jackets which will help keep warm during the ceremony.

tips for winter wedding

You can opt for baking your own wedding cake or opt for ordering the wedding cake. Check out the best deals that are available for your wedding cake and opt for the best one.

The tips mentioned above will surely help you to plan out the winter wedding and make it most special day of your life which would always remain in your memories.