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Ways to Choose a Travel Agent for Your Honeymoon

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With all the effort couples put into their wedding planning, the honeymoon is a welcomed retreat for newlyweds to unwind and spend time alone. However, planning the trip can often be just as stressful as planning the ceremony and reception. Why devote endless hours on the computer delving through hundreds of options to locate the perfect romantic destination when you could work directly with a travel agent? Travel agents can give expert advice and provide outstanding service that you just can’t find through booking online. Here, we share with you tips on finding a travel agent to plan the trip of your dreams.



Why use a travel agent

The question should be why not use a travel agent? You’ve heard tales of  honeymoons that were booked at online only travel sites that turned out to be nightmares. If you book everything yourself online you don’t have an advocate that is working for you should a problem arise. With a travel agent, you have access to an actual person who can answer questions and make accommodations changes on your behalf.

How to find a reputable travel agent

One of the best ways to choose a honeymoon travel agent is to ask friends/family for a recommendation. Any travel agent worth their salt considers a referral the highest compliment and will provide their clients with a level of service that will ensure return business and referrals. If you come up empty with asking friends/family, use Internet search engines by utilizing key word specific requests in your area, like “travel agency Greensboro, N.C.”.

Once you find a company, you should ask if they have a honeymoon specialist, how many years of experience, what destinations have they personally visited and if they can provide client references. A reputable travel agency will look at your budget, interests, what amenities you are looking for and make recommendations based on your input. They will also talk to the bride and groom together, listen with an open mind and give honest feedback.

What can a travel agent offer you?

Travel agents can give expert advice and provide outstanding service that you just can’t find booking online. They can find the best pricing available, upgrades, set up special requests (i.e. chilled champagne, flowers), arrange transfers and take care of numerous time consuming small details. Their service is invaluable. Travel agents develop close relationships with suppliers and when needed can pull strings that someone booking on the internet can’t.



How to get the best deal on your honeymoon

Timing is everything. Since airline and resort/cruise rates can fluctuate daily, the earlier you plan the more chance of saving money you have. A professional travel agency is able to save you money with early booking discounts, special fares, and resort discounts that are not advertised to the general public. Consider departing from an alternate airport—you can save hundreds by simply departing from another gateway. An “adults only” all inclusive resort is another wonderful honeymoon option for couples, and since all of your dining, drinks, airport transfers and some activities are included, you do not have to worry with carrying tons of cash to pay for items out of pocket. Many of these resorts have strict no tipping policies as well. If you choose a cruise you can prepay gratuities, purchase excursions and drink coupons online before boarding the ship.

The most important advice to couples is to remember that your honeymoon is one of the most special times in your life. You want it to be everything you imagined—and utilizing a travel agent is a smart decision that will reward you tenfold.

The wedding Tips for bride

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Wedding is the most important event in one’s life but the fact remains that this wedding will be the one which will give you a maximum of stress and a whole lot of sleepless nights.

The reason being that generally wedding is such a grand affair and there are so many aspects to a wedding that it will be impossible to find one such thing which you can leave to others. Yes without doubt you will need the help of others but then since it is your wedding you will have to make the maximum effort and try not to get stressed out.



Here are some of my wedding tips so that you can enjoy the wedding planning process as opposed to having to gloomily do everything.

Timing is of essence so make sure that you start planning the wedding very early and that will mean that start planning the wedding probably a year in advance. This assumes all the more importance if you are having a destination wedding.

Wedding dresses is another thing which will take time especially the wedding dress for the bride. So start searching for a wedding dress as soon as your engagement is done and it will give you sufficient time for searching a good dress and getting the alterations done.

Next make sure that you have sent the save the date cards to all the guests and also you have finalized the guest list.

If you are planning on taking the help of a wedding planner then make sure that the wedding planner is available to you in time. Almost all the good wedding planers have booking well in advance of two years so make sure that you finalize the dates of the wedding based on the availability of the wedding planner.



Then if you are planning on having a wedding at a distant place then try to fly there at least once and see for yourself what kind of hotels are available and even if that place has wedding packages available. That is a must as the destination weddings will generally cost you a lot more. Also an important point to note is that ask for wedding coordinator at the wedding day and talk to him or her on a regular basis regarding all the arrangement to be done.

Arrive at the venue a few days earlier and that way you will be able to take care of any last minute wedding arrangements.